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The average business has $30,000 worth of computer data. And, we have found that many of them have little or no protection at all. Most businesses don't have $100,000+ a year devoted to backups like fortune 500 companies do, but now everyone can have that same level of protection.

To a business owner, your data is priceless. The loss of your data can put you out of business. In fact, according to Home Office Computing magazine, 30% of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year...70% fail within 5 years.

Vow Corporation specializes in off-site data storage for small to medium sized businesses. After servicing and supporting businesses for many years, we saw many businesses lose data that was critical to their operation because of unreliable backup solutions. Recognizing this need, Vow Corporation developed an affordable and reliable backup solutions that offers large corporate benefits that are traditionally out of reach for most businesses.

Try our service and discover how easy it is to securely backup your computer to an off-site location!

The advantages to typical business are enormous:

  1. All files are protected by state-of-the-art encryption; only customers can retrieve their files.
  2. Completely automated off-site protection.
  3. Fast online recovery of any version of any protected file.
  4. Installation and setup are easy.
  5. Only an internet connection is required, eliminating the need for expensive backup equipment and media.
  6. The backup server is monitored by highly skilled technicians whose only job is to make sure the backups are performed properly.
  • Hurricanes
  • Theft
  • System Failure
  • Accidental Deletion
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Tsunamis