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"The Only All-In-One Communication System - Phone & IVR In One!"

  • Accept refills 24/7 directly into your pharmacy system
  • Connect multiple locations together using VoIP
  • Voicemail archive system for patient & doctor calls
  • Professional greeting or record your own
  • Connect a phone from anywhere - even at home


Call Toll Free: 1-888-5-TALKRX


“TalkRx is the only all-in-one communication system for Pharmacies. With integrated applications like an IVR and fax gateway, pharmacy productivity and efficiency will increase. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle requires us to leverage technology to keep up. Our system is up for the challenges you face today and the unknown needs of tomorrow. With the quickest ROI of any IVR, once you compare, the TalkRx phone system just make cents”
~ TalkRx