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Common Phone/Fax Issues

  • My phone is dead

    Check the cables and make sure it is plugged in correctly.

Common Printer Issues

  • My printer (HP-4300 series) keeps saying "Load Tray 3 Plain Paper"

    This is usually because your tray settings are not setup correctly. Here are the steps you can take to fix it:

    1. Pull out each tray and check the little blue dial on the right side of the tray. The top tray should be set to Standard and the bottom tray should be set to Custom. You may have to continuously press the pink 'cancel' button until you get back to the 'Ready' screen.
    2. When you're at the 'Ready' screen, press the green button to access the menu followed by the down arrow button one time to highlight Paper Handling. Then press the green button again to select it.
    3. Now press the down arrow a few times until you get to Tray 3 Size and then press the green button when you have it highlighted.
    4. Now use the up and down arrow keys to find the selection for Letter. Once you have it highlighted, press the green button to select it.
    5. You should now be back a screen so you can use the down arrow once more to highlight Tray 3 Type. Press the green button when you have it selected.
    6. Use the up and down arrow keys to find the selection for Labels. Once you have it highlighted, press the green button.
    7. Finally, press the left arrow button 2-3 more times to get back to the 'Ready' screen and give it try.
  • I keep getting paper jams, but everything looks fine

    This commonly caused by a either residue from sticker/label paper that has rubbed off somewhere, or a tiny sliver of paper that has hidden itself usually along the sides and very difficult to see.

    The best way to address this is to remove the font and back panels, as well as the toner cartridge to have a nice view of everything. Use a can of air to blow around and a cloth to wipe everything down with. Then, carefully inspect the path that the paper will feed through to see if you see anything out of place that could affect paper as it comes through. Finally, put the toner and panels back and open your paper tray. Pull out the stack of paper and be sure to fan it and check to see if the pages are sticking together.

    Of course these steps may not fix the problem 100% of the time, but it would be silly to escalate the problem and have a technician come onsite if it these simple steps would solve the issue. It could certainly caused by something else but it would more than likely require a service technician and/or some replacement parts.

Common Network Issues

  • My computer cannot access internet

    If you have another computer nearby, check to see if it can get online.

    If the computer nearby can access the internet, then go back to the computer you are having problems with and check the network cable and make sure it's plugged in securely to the wall. Also, make sure it's plugged in on the other end, usually to a wall jack. If you are using a wireless connection, make sure it is still connected to your access point. You may try rebooting your computer as well.

    If the computer nearby can not access the internet, check your modem/router, as well as any switches and/or access points to make sure they are turned on and plugged in correctly.

    Lastly, you can 'power cycle' these devices to attempt to re-establish a fresh new internet connection. First unplug your modem, router, and any switches or access points you may have. It's best to wait at least 2 minutes with the power cable unplugged. Then plug in your modem first and wait for it to completely boot up and connect (usually can take about 1 minute). Next, plug in your router and give it about 10-15 second before plugging the other devices in.

    If you still cannot connect, you may need to contact your service provider.